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The style of your hair is only the first step. Good care of your own hair, together with your hair extensions, will keep the hair looking healthy. Your hair extensions should be shampooed and conditioned regularly. Dirt, natural oils, styling residue and sweat will tangle and matt your own hair as well as the hair extensions.

Washing and Drying

When washing extensions, do not rub or massage the hair. Allow the water/shampoo mixture to run through the hair. When drying, never rub or roll the hair in a towel. Dry by gently squeezing the water out. Cleanliness of your hair extensions will prolong their life, however, avoid washing too frequently or using hair products that contain harsh ingredients.


Human hair is composed of many colours rather than a single colour the eye can see. Generally, colouring hair extensions is discouraged since the hair extensions have already been chemically processed. If colouring the hair extensions is desired, select a lighter hair extension and colour darker to match your hair colour using a colour dye with low peroxide. Strand test before colouring the whole hair extensions.


Always use a conditioning treatment when detangling dry hair. Gently detangle hair extensions in the morning and before going to bed using a metal or plastic wide tooth comb. More importantly, your hair extensions must be detangled before each wash.


Excessive use of styling products and heat will shorten the life of your hair extensions. If deciding to use heat treatment on hair extensions, use with care and moderation.

Sleeping with Hair Extensions

Hair must be dried thoroughly before going to bed. To prevent tangling, long hair extensions should be braided into one big braid and short styles wrapped in a silk scarf.

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